PhpStorm-EAP-136.1255 scrollbars are missing, is there are setting?

Hi all,

I was wondering if there is a setting somewhere to make the editor and other window scrollbars permanently visible?

The scrollbars from the editor and other windows only appear when moving the caret around with the cursor keys, never when hovering over the area where the scrollbars should be.

To access the scrollbars with the mouse I must play with the cursor keys for them to appear and then be very fast to point the mouse exactly on them before they disappear again, it's like a game

This is on Window 7 Enterprise SP1 with all latest updates.
PhpStorm-EAP-136.1255 installed (several times) from a zip in a empty folder.
JRE7 1.7.0_51

Any insight on this will be very much appriciated, thank you,


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Hi there,

There is no settings for Linux/Windows (there is workaround for Mac).

The issue is affecting Darcula theme only (on Linux/Windows at least) so consider swithing to another (light) GUI theme for time being.

The issue is already resolved and fix will be available in next EAP build.

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Hi Andriy,

Thanks a lot for your reply!

I indeed use the Darcula theme and look forward to the next EAP :)



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