Switching from NB to PhpStorm - next occurrence for something under caret

Hi and welcome.

I want to switch from NetBeans which I had been using for few years, and I can't find one option in navigation which as I didn't even realize I've been using a lot!

When you put caret on some variable, method name, etc... it gets highlighted and other occurrences of 'something' are being marked.

The problem is, is there and option on navigate over those occurrences?
NetBeans done it by pressing ctrl+up or down.

I don't want to search for things, nor use any popup windows for usages. I just want to go move caret to next match.
How can I do that?

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Also... I forgot to mention I'm using Mac

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Hi there,

AFAIK IDE does not has such functionality. But you can install BrowseWordAtCaret plugin that will add it.

  • Preferences | Plugins | Browse repository
  • Shortcuts can be changed at "Preferences | Keymap | Plugins | BrowseWordAtCaret"
  • You can turn on/off automatic highlighting via "Preferences | Editor | Appearance --> Highlight word at caret"
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Thank you a lot, that saved my day!

It's ok it's not working the same as in NB, but possibly it works even better, because it finds all words in file... we'll see;)

Again thanks!


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