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Hi, i´m tying to use Webstorm as an IDE for TypeScript.
I realized that WS automatically transpiles every .ts file to a .js file, so that in the end, when you have alot of .ts files, which is normal in OOP programming imo, you also have alot of .js files.
Isn´t there a way to automatically put all the JavaScript into only one file?
Am I missing something?


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You can specify --out option in Typescript File watcher arguments, and, if 'track only root files' option is on, all ts files will be merged into a main js file (that imports them all directly or via references chain) on modifying any of them

See http://stackoverflow.com/questions/21816695/typescript-compile-all-ts-files-as-a-single-javascript-file-in-webstorm-7


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