Keeping PHPStorm settings in sync across multiple PCs


Does anyone have any tips when working across multiple machines with PHPStorm?

I use any one of 3 workstations depending on where I am. Two of them are Windows 7 PCs and the other is a MacBook Pro. Is there any way that I can keep my PHPStorm settings and project configuration consistant across all of them?

For example I am forever re-adding remote hosts under 'Deployment'. Currenty I have to add each one three times. Is there any way that when I add one from one workstation they are syncronised across all of them?

If possible I'd prefer this was done automatically rather than having to remember to export and re-import settings everytime I switch machine. Some kind of cloud based way of storing the settings?


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Hi there,

Have a look at IntelliJ Configuration Server Plugin (Settings | Plugins | Browse repositories...)

(Although I'm not sure how well it will work across multiple platforms as some paths could be platform-specific)

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I use SugarSync and sync the entire .webIde<Version>/config folder (not the system folder) - works great!


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