IDEA refactor-->rename does not support all-package-name rename

IDEA refactor-->rename does not support all-package-name rename,when i want to change the project all-package-name,i must use Eclipse to refactor!
does someone can help me!

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"all-package-name" is not a valid package name, so a package cannot be renamed
to that. Directories with names that are not a valid package name aren't
shown in the package view.

In the project view, directories outside a source path can be renamed to
whatever you want. Inside a source path, refactor rules apply (and the refactor->rename
dialog appears instead of a directory->rename dialog.

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all-package-name is full package name.
the packge name is regular package name ,and it accord java coding criterion!


change to -->

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A related feature I'd like to see, is that renaming a package can be made per-source directory so that having:


it is possible to rename Test/wilkosz.container to Test/wilkosz.test, and not have that change apply to both source directories. There are more of these source-directory "dependencies" for the move package/class and generate class/package, but there has been improvements made there.

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Ok, if I can make sense of your twisted grammar, what you want is to do a package rename and a package move at the same time, e.g. rename "util" to "utilities" and move it to "com.nick".
That's a nice idea - I just never felt the need to do so.
Currently a workaround is to do a rename refactoring first, then do a move.

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"rename full package name" is usefull when refactoring a project.

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 Feel  free to create feature request in YouTrack:


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