JAX-RPC Webservices under IntelliJ

Hi there,

has anyone of you guys had success in debugging Web-Services under Intellij? The setup I have is the following: I have my normal project set-up in IntelliJ, have an ant-build file that is calling wscompile und wsdeploy... after the calls I have my War-File which is usable in Tomcat as a web-service as is - and that is working perfectly alright.

Now what I do is I trick IntelliJ in accepting that war-file as deployment source for the J2EE build settings (make module before running/debugging is switched off, so this war file is really taken).

With this nasty little trick I get IntelliJ to run tomcat with my webservice from within IntelliJ, but debugging does still not work. When I try to set breakpoints in my source code, the little black "x" is showing up in these breakpoints telling me that there is no executable code found in this class on this line.

Is this maybe due to the fact that wscompile is doing something with my class-files?

Has anybody had the same problem? And maybe overcome it ;)?



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