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xhq wrote:

I wonder if IDEA could add Groovy or Jython support some day.

While there at it why not add basic, korn shell, COOL, C#, VB,
SmallTalk, .... IDEA is a Java/J2EE IDE, please keep it that way and
support only those languages/file formats that are part of the Java/J2EE

However, if you want a plugin that does this, check out BSF Console:

I don't use it myself, so I don't know if it works. But a plugin makes
perfect sense for this type of additional support.

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Groovy and Jython compile to bytecode, so they're very much in the world you define.

The only thing preventing me from using Ruby or Groovy on more projects (rather than just personal ones) is that Java has Idea. Idea/Ruby or Idea/Groovy would be nirvana.


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