Problem with git when working on VM

I'm working on a virtual machine, CentOS is the guest MacBook Pro is the host. I installed Samba to access my files with MBP, so far so good, now when I try to pull or push from PHPStorm it seems to use the id_rsa from my MBP while it should use the id_rsa from my VM, therefore I cannot push or pull.  Here is what make me think it uses my id_rsa from my MBP: `Authentication using key /Users/aw/.ssh/id_rsa failed.`, on my VM : `/home/aw/.ssh/id_rsa`.   What would be the solution?

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Please can you elaborate a biot more on your setup? Where do you have PHPStorm installed - on Mac or on CentOS? Where is your Git executable? project files?


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