WebStorm - JSHint Inspection options don't allow custom severity?

Webstorm 7.0.3 build #WS-133.434 on December 26, 2013.

The JSHint Inspection option allows you to set the "Severity" just like all the other WebStorm inspection items. However, when attempting to assign the "Severity" to a custom field, inspection results are ignored for JSHint. Assigning it back to a non-default severity (i.e. Error) will fix the problem. Has anyone run into this issue and figured out a way to add JSHint to custom Severity labels?
JSHint - No Custom Severity.png

Here is an example WebStorm project I have available on my dropbox:


  • Inspection Text - Project.
  • "Inspection Test.js" - Javascript file used to test against.
  • "Test.xml" - Inspection profile that uses a "Max Number of formal parameter in function: 2" validation for JSHint.


  1. Run "Test" code inspection on the "Inspection Test.js" file as is and you will notice there are 2 "Error"s reported via JSHint.
  2. Next go to inspection settings and set "JSHint" to Severtiy: "My Custom" (See above screenshot for example).
  3. Run the "Test" code inspection again on the "Inspection Test.js" file and you will notce JSHint no longer reports any errors.

Maybe this is a bug, but I first wanted to see if anyone perhaps may know it to be a configuration problem on my end.

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Thank you again Elena. I searched for this on google, but I need to familiarize myself wth jetbrain's bug tracking site so I can avoid wasting my time and others for isses already posted. Now I know, and much appreciated! :)


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