Dependency viewer counts Javadoc @see tag as dependency

While browsing the excellent Spring framework source code, I happened to run the Dependency Viewer. One of the main aims of Spring is to reduce unnecessary static dependencies, so I was surprised to see some unlikely looking ones show up.

It looks like the Dependency Viewer counts Javadoc @see tags as dependencies. I'm not sure this should be so.

Spring is quite thoroughly documented, and in some cases has Javadoc @see tags referring to classes that use the object being documented. So the dependency is from that to this, not from this to that.

The IDEA Dependency Viewer in such a case doesn't describe the dependencies as well as it might.

John Hurst
(Wellington, New Zealand)


You are absolutely right and hopefully it will be fixed for the next release of IDEA. See or vote for this SCR if you're interested:



Thanks for pointing out the Tracker issue. I thought I searched the forums, but I didn't search Tracker properly.

I look forward to Irida for this! (I really like the Dependency Viewer...)

John Hurst


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