PhpStorm not stopping on breakpoints in Chrome

JavaScript breakpoints were working in Chrome as of a couple weeks ago, but are not working today. I did update PhpStorm yesterday and my Java runtime a few days ago, so one of those may be the culprit.

Windows 7 64bit
PhpStorm 7.1.2 build 133.803
JRE 170_40-b43 x86
Chrome 32.0.1700.107 m
JetBrains IDE Chrome extension 2.0

Steps to reproduce:

  • Run PhpStorm
  • File > New Project...
  • Create an Empty project
  • In project context menu, New > HTML File (name it "index")
  • Edit text in file to this:

<!DOCTYPE html>

    var a = 1;

  • Set a breakpoint on line 10 ("var a = 1")
  • In editor context menu, Debug 'index.html'

When I do this, it opens a tab in Chrome with a notification that "JetBrains IDE Support" is debugging this tab. In PhpStorm, in the Debugger > Variables tab, it says Connected to JetBrains Chrome Extension. If I close the tab in Chrome, it disconnects.

The debugger is clearly connecting to Chrome, but it never stops on any breakpoints.

A zip file with the test project is attached.

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Hi there,

I've just tried your test project.

It did not break at first attempt, but when I refreshed the page in browser (F5) it stopped just fine.

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Ah, that did it! Thanks.

Any idea why I need to refresh the page to debug now (when I didn't need to earlier)?

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See (fixed in WebStorm8).
actually the issue is caused by the way the Chrome script preprocessor  works - it uses absolute addressing, so for embedded javascript the  returned address may be larger than the overall script length, that's  why the returned line breaks positions are outside of the <script>  block. In WebStorm 8 we will be using our own preprocessor instead of  Chrome one - this should solve the problem

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Since Andriy's previous comment effectively solved the problem for me, I've gone ahead and given Andriy's post above the points for correct answer.


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