Customer Service/ License

I am disappointed in the canned response I got when I inquired about licensing.

Admittedly, I made the mistake of not understanding the products.  I purchased WebStorm, when what I really wanted is PyCharm.  I was hoping to switch or upgrade to PyCharm, considering that it includes all of the functionality of Web Storm, but there doesn't seem to be any flexibility there.

I was offered a discount, but I would have hoped for more, considering I've only had the WebStorm license about 24 hours.


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Hello Andrew,

You have contacted sales department?
You want just to change WebStorm license file to PyCharm, correct?
I don't really think it's possible, since WebStorm is twice cheaper than PyCram.

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Yes, I contacted customer service to ask if I could pay the difference between the two and that does not seem to be an option.  So, if I buy PyCharm, I will have wasted the cost of WebStorm, because I will never use it again.


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