Ctrl+Mouse Click on HTML TAG or PHP default function name opens some strange files

When i working on project and incedently ctrl+left mouse button over HTML tag or PHP default (not custom) function name it opens read only file similar to image below.
I guess this is bug in PHP Storm as when you click Ctrl+LMB on HTML custom class name it opens CSS file where you declare this class, similar for PHP it when you click on custom variable or custom function it opens file where i created that function, but for build in functions it opens this file, I guess this is bug. Or if i am worng and its some feature, is there way to turn if off?


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Hi there,

The "Ctrl+Click" by default is assigned to "Go to Declaration" action.

For standard PHP functions/classes it should open one of the stub files (.php file with function declaration (empty body) with PHPDoc comment above it) -- that's how all known to PhpStorm functions/classes/etc are done (so it can index them and offer in completion etc). What file does it open for you (for example for substr() or str_shuffle() ) ? If it's "standard_1.php" then it's all working OK.

For HTML tags it should also open one of those "strange files" with definition of that tag (schema file).


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