API JavaDocs on OS X

Am I the only one having problems 'seeing' the api javadocs with 4.5.1 running under OS X 10.3.5? My path is correctly set up - well same as what I had set up for IntelliJ 3, where I can see the same api javadocs. So it's kinda puzzling. Many thanks for any pointers.



It works for me under Windows XP. Using Shift-F1 brings up documentation almost each time. However, sometimes I get e cmd-wondow instead of the IE. Best regards.


No problems here. What exactly happens for you?


OK, the problem was solved with the help of support. Many thanks. I was trying to use the project level javadocs path, instead of setting the more general javadocs path, a habit I got into using V3 and using different jdks for different projects...


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