To copy file in two different locations

Hi All!,

I have a project that required to copy the same file in two different locations :|

original file: directory/src
destination: directory/target

I want the same file updated at the same time in both locations. It is possible to do that?.

Thanks in advance!,

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Hi there,

So ... you need two (2) copies in total: one in original location and second in different location?

If so:

  1. Settings | Deployment
  2. Create new entry of "Local or Mounted Folder" and configure it
  3. Mark it as Default for this project
  4. Settings | Deployment | Options --> Upload changed files automatically to the default server

Obviosuly, this will apply to ALL files in project (unless manually excluded).

Alternative solution is to use standard functionality your file system -- symbolic links.

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Thanks Andriy for your quick answer

Yes, your assumption was right, that was that I want.
I configured and works, but there is a way to syncronize automatially after save a file?


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Sorry I found it

Settings->Deployment -> Options

Works great!


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