Custom plugin with live templates not working in PHPStorm but do in Intellij IDEA?

I've just created a basic plugin which basically adds a live-template / snippet to PHPStorm.

I installed it by zipping the files together, entering PHPStorm > Settings > Plugins and clicking on "Install plugin from disk". After selecting the correct zip file, it appeared in the plugins list, asked me to restart and all worked well - or at least that's what I thought!

My issue is, when I go back to my Settings > Live template the new liveTemplate group doesn't show up and when I try and trigger the live template using "test-tag" followed by TAB it just expands to "<test-tab></test-tab>" this is not the expected behaviour. Why is this happening??

EDIT: The strange thing is though, when I install the plugin in Intellij IDEA 13 it works perfectly. The live template group appears in the settings and the live templates trigger fine! Why would this be? Sooo frustrating :(

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At least one dependency is required for non-legacy plugins. And legacy plugins are allowed in IDEA only.
Try adding <depends>com.intellij.modules.lang</depends> to idea-plugin contents.


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