EJS plugin webstorm

I wanted to add the EJS pulgin to webstorm. I already have one instaled but I don't know what he does...


But the plugin is incompatible with webstorm since a long time and still.
EJS is badly managed in WebStorm from what i saw, bad indentation, errors are crazy and error message sometimes useless and it's impossible to debug them, we don't know where the error is from.

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WebStorm bundles EJS plugin. And the bundled version is newer than the one in the repository, so you don't need installing the latter.
Please log specific issues related to EJS plugin to youtrack, http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issues/WEB

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Okay, it's what I thought, but I found another plugin updated in 2014, so I thought that we culd add an extra EJS plugin.

Thank you.


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