idea-4.5.1.v2.bin (Linux) doesn't find all **/src directories under Source Root

Earlier versions of Idea used to find all of the source directories under the Source Root in a new project. The latest version only finds some of the directories and I have to add the others manually.

Also, by default Idea lists "." in the first row under the source root and assign it a package name, although all of the real source roots are in the subdirectories **/src (even though some of them have the same root package names).

I looked through the forum here but didn't see anything about this. Is it a new "feature"?

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I,m going to reply to my own post here to add that I'm having lots of problems with idea-4.5 and 4.5.1. Besides not finding the source directories, it also gives me warnings that it shouldn't. For example, I get a warning about unused parameters that are obviously being used, as well as unneeded imports that are needed.

I went back to idea-4.0.3 and things were okay again.

This is running on SuSE-Linux-9.1 with java 1.4.2_05-b04 (but also with earlier java-1.4.2 versions).


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