Custom Code Folding for LiveCode

I use RevIgniter which is like CodeIgniter but uses LiveCode instead of PHP

Livecode blocks are typically

command definition
    put rigFetchSegment(3) into tWord
    put lexiconGetDefinition(tWord) into tWordA
    outputJson tWordA
end definition


function getDate
  return long internet date
end getDate

I installed a textmate bundle for LiveCode/RevIgniter and it is highlighting syntax correctly/beautifully, but I would like to get code folding for both these kinds of blocks, so we can collapse them like this:

command definition ... end definition

function getDate... end getDate

Is there a way?

Livecode supports comments starting with # and I am aware of PHPStorms option to fold commented blocks but i would rather not have to enter comments for every single command or function.

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Right... we realize that custom comments can be added that will later enable folding, but what I wanted to "custom assignments" to

command blueBird

end blueBird

function  blueBird

end blueBird

where the  keyword "command" and "function" become triggers for the start of a folding region that would end at "end"

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You can't do this without writing a special plugin.


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