Support for custom ant tasks (taskdef)

Having problems getting custom ant task recognised by IDEA. This seems to be a
long standing issue
but I've also read in the forums there is some limited support for it and
workarounds. Tried all these and its still not working.

I'm trying to get the axis tasks integrated. Stuff I've read in the forums
suggest IDEAs parsing its limited in that you cant use classpathref as an
attribute. I've tried modifying my build file to:

<include name="*/.jar"/>

..but no joy, tried adding all the axis libs to the "addtional classpath"..
nothing. After much forum searching found a workaround that suggests copying the
dependant jars to IDEAs lib dir, no joy, noticed IDEA 4.5 has a separate
lib\ant\lib dir with custom tasks in there so I've even tried copying
ant-tasks.jar in here too.

Nothing has worked even after shutting down IDEA & restarting several times. Is
this just a non-starter?

[apologies for the repost, just noticed queries submitted via the web dont
propergate onto the newsgroup - still hoping for an answer]

- Richard

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