If a commercial Plug-in uses IDEA icons then ...?

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If a commercial plugin uses IDEA icons, do they need to pay something to JetBrains? Or is it ok as long as the plugin is only for IDEA.

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Although I'm sure JetBrains own the rights to the icons used in IDEA, and I obviously don't speak for JetBrains, but personally I would think it should be ok so long as the plugin is ONLY for IDEA since it is all good publicity for IDEA and the more commercial-grade high quality plugins built specifically for it the better.

The point is that any plugin is likely to find greater acceptance in the community if it looks like part of IDEA. I love the VP UML plugin for IDEA but it's downside is that in spite of the integration it still doesn't feel like part of the IDEA, much of which stems from using icons which don't really fit the feel of the IDE.

Not sure if they (VP) investigated using IDEA icons with JetBrains and were knocked back by fees or if they simply decided to use the same icons in all their SDE plugins (I have to admit I've only tried the IDEA one so I'm not sure), but I do think that not using more IDEA-like icons has been a downside (or lack of polish) to an otherwise excellent product.


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