Way to quickly disable ability to upload changes


I realise this might be a silly question, but with my workflow, on some sites I get into the habit of using my chosen shortcut to quickly upload changes to the remote (live) server before I actually, want too. Is there a way to disable a shortcut or disable publishing changes temporarily?

I do realise it probably falls outside of what an IDE should do. But just curious.


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Hi there,

Well, you can un-mark that Deployment server as Default for this project .. and your shortcut will do nothing.

If you have the same shortcut for both "Upload to %Default_here%" and "Upload To..." like I do, then the 2nd action will be triggered but it will ask for a Deployment server to upload to first (even if it's only one in the list). Could be enough.

Another idea -- have 2 keymaps: the only difference is that 2nd will have no shortcuts for upload actions. You can then use "View | Quick Switch Scheme..." to quickly switch between them.

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Thanks for the reply,

I've started setting up two places the changes can be uploaded too. The default being a staging server. This is working well for what I need.

Thanks for the reply!


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