workflow via git and remote box

atm I have a remote dev devian box which is pulling files via git.

I am running web storm locally and am connected the dev box via sftp and downloading for use in web storm. When I edit files web storm uploads them to dev and I run a make file. Do you think it is a better workflow to work directly via git on my local webstorm project and then get webstrom to sftp them over to dev? Can I get WS to automatically call make when I upload the files?

If I stick to my former method and my friend commits to the branch I'm working from and do a pull on the remote dev box, will WS update my local copied of the file by downloading vis sftp?


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The workflow we use in our team goes like this:

* pull from bitbucket/github etc into my local machine on the 'master' branch in git.
* switch to my development branch, and rebase the master branch
* right click the projects pane and choose deployment -> sync with (my local dev server via FTP) //all the new changes from git go up to my local server.
* develop and let autosave+autoupload keep throwing my changes up to my local dev server via FTP.
* commit code at sensible points with a good comment.
* (keep working like this until the end of the day)
* at the end of the day: get ready to push by changing back to 'master' in phpstorm and do a 'git -> pull' again to make sure nothing new has come into the repo
* change back to my development branch (if something new has come in then merge that with my changes from today)
* Im finished for the day so right click the PROJECTS pane and choose "git-> push"  then push to 'me-development' on the community repo
* open up (for me its bitbucket) bitbucket in a browser and choose "compare"
* then Merge.

Repeat the same pattern next day.

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thanks, atm I'm using sshfs on Linux to work directly on the dev box, but if the challenges of receiving notifications of file changes become too great I might go with your route

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well I think your way is the best

sshfs is miserably slow and the nfs way seems to much of a pain :)

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@usher.michael  do you bother to keep the remote server up to date with git, or just rely on your FTPs, and clone a new one if needed? 

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 @edward.greenberg for keeping my dev server in sync with my local files i use the SYNC WITH LOCAL function the "Remote Host" panel.

for example, after I pull changes in from the repo to my local machine and I want to make sure the development server is in sync with what I have i open the "Remote Host" panel and navigate to the section of files (or all of them) that I want and ctrl+click to select all the folders I want in sync with what just got pulled in.

The right click those selected files and choose "Sync with Local".

The left hand panel shows local files and the right hand shows server files.  My normal method is whatever is in git is correct, so i select all the left hand panel to go to the right hand panel then sync those.  Whatever is left over is what has been deleted in the git repo, so i select delete.


That method means my sever is in sync with git.  I can have as many remote systems as I need and non of them need to have git installed on the server.  This helps for those times when you are dealing with shared hosting where you cant just go and install git on the server.


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