Struts saveMessages() problem

Just downloaded, for evaluation, Idea 4.5 (build 2233). I've got a Struts action class, which extends DispatchAction. In that class, I have a method (edit) that uses the function saveMessages(HttpServletRequest, ActionMessages).

Idea is marking it as an error. It says:
"Cannot resolve Method 'saveMessages(javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest, org.apache.struts.action.ActionMessages)'

Wierd thing is, I was able to make the project fine, with no complaints. I should mention that this wasn't an issue in Eclipse, and I'm using the same libraries I used there.

Thanks for any insight.

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Usually means a) a library is not being referenced or b) some cache got out of whack.

Since saveMessages is a Struts 1.1 thing, maybe you accidentally pointed your project at a Struts 1.0 jar.

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Thanks. I think it was b), as I cleaned out some stuff and it worked.

Now, If I can just figure out where the CATALINA_BASE variable is being set...


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