Breakpoints on find usages results (filtered)

I need to put a breakpoint in all places where a variable is written.

With find usage I can show only "Value write" results, but there is any way to mark these result as breakpoints, without going to them one by one?

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There is no such functionality for now.

Please vote/comment for the feture request on our bug tracker YouTrack:,

and related ones:, .

See if you are not familiar with YouTrack.

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None of the linked issue are related to what I've asked.

What I'm looking for is that the result of a search (find usages) could set the breakpoints, not that the breakpoint is conditionally set: it's a completely different matter.

Creating a new issue to be voted is worthless: I did it in the past (years ago) and never found any use of it.

So, I take the feature is missing, and that will be implemented, one day, maybe, if the developers feels they want to do it.

Thanks anyway.

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You are right - there is no such feature. And it's very unlikely that it will be ever added unless you (or someone else) creates a request for it in youtrack.
Adding feature requests is not at all worthless. We normally take our customers’ feedback and votes into account and discuss the feature implementation (requirements and timeline) right in the issue. Normally, the most popular requests are implemented. Of course, the time of delivery depends on the complexity and other plans that we have for the upcoming version. If you are talking about obligations or guarantees – we don’t provide any if the feature requests are concerned


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