How do I create exploded directory for Jboss ?

How do I create exploded directory for Jboss ?

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The easiest way is to use Ant. I used to have my Ant build script build an exploded directory and then if the build was successful, copy the entire exploded directory to the jboss deploy directory. But for the last several months I have stopped doing that and just deploy the WAR file.

Caveat, for exploded directory to work with jboss, at least in 2.4 and 3.0, haven't tried with 3.2, you MUST name the directory with the .WAR extension, or appropriate extension.

But try this, write your Ant script to build somewhere else, jar up your WAR (or appropriate archive) and copy to the deploy directory. Set JBoss to use your exploded directory for debugging purposes. Create a remote app for debugging and everything should work just right. Good luck.


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