Using PHPUnit with Codeigniter

Hi there,

for a couple of days I'm trying to get PHPUnit working with Codeigniter in PHPStorm.
I've installed PHPUnit via Composer (as described in the wiki) and this seems to work fine on simple unit tests.

I've followed a (simple) guide on how to set up PHPUnit with Codeigniter in an IDE, found here:

But the debugger in PHPStorm keeps returning the same error, an 404 page and 'Process finished with exit code 0'.

As described in the guide I've set up an .xml configuration file for PHPUnit wich loads an bootstrap file which should initialise Codeigniter.

<phpunit bootstrap="bootstrap.php"

I'm quite lost right now, how can I make PHPUnit work with Codeigniter in PHPStorm? :(

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Doesn't PHPunit works the same way with codeigniter as any other PHP based apps. For unit testing in PHP, you only have to write the test case in a separate php file and then execute it through ssh right? Is there anything additional that you have to do for codeigniter or other frameworks,


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