Problem AutoComplete

I have the following problem I always wore the sublime text up to meet phpstorm
More to enter a tag in PhpStorm
Type: <div + Enter = <div

On the sublime: <= div + Enter </ div>
How do I autocomplete phpStorm equal to sublime text?

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<div>+Enter would result in <div></div> in PHPStorm if the 'Automatically insert closing tag' in Settings/Editor/Smart keys is on
div+Tab will also expand to <div></div>
But there is no way to auto-insert closing tag when just typing <div+Enter - the IDE expects the '>' here

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Hi there,

Instead of typing just "<divENTER" (without quotes, obviously) you need to type closing bracket as well: "<div>ENTER" -- closing tag ("</div>") will be insterted once opening tag is completed.

Also make sure that "Settings | Editor | Smart Keys |  XML/HTML | Automatically insert closing tag" is enabled.


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