Problem with rearranger


Our team just changed to PHPStorm, and we really like it, but we found a problem. (
I seted up some rearranger rules for our PHP project, and it keeps forgeting it.

I have the schema, but I can not find it on my Mac and I can's export it.
And it seams the program doesn't using it.

Here is my workflow:

  1. I have a project open with hundreds of files.
  2. I go to settings > Project > Code Style > PHP
  3. In the Manage dialoge, I create a new Schema.
  4. I set up everything, with the arrangement rules.
  5. I go to Manage > Copy to project.
  6. Yes to overwrite.
  7. Aaand, the arrangement rules are not copied to the Project Schema.

I can't find them in the
in project .idea/ folder either.
All the other code style settings are there, like tab related options, but not the arrangement.

Am I doing something wrong, or maybe can it be a bug?

PHPStorm version: 7.1 build: #PS-133-326 (64-bit)
OS: OS X 10.9 (Mavericks)

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