Xcode needed for svn command in phpStorm 7.1?


I updated to version 7.1 of phpStorm. Now I get a prompt when starting phpStorm with the Message: "The svn-command needs the Command Line Developer Tools - Please click "load Xcode" to install Xcode an the Command Line Developer Tools.
I clicked "later" and erverything works fine. I can use svn as usual.

With 7.0 there was no Xcode prompt. Why is it needed for 7.1?
Xcode is really huge (2-3GB i think) and I want to keep the space on my ssd for things I really need ;-)


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Hi, couple of questions to clarify the issue:

  • What is your svn working copy format?
  • Could you please attach dialog screenshot (I guess this is Mac and not IDEA dialog)? And "Version Control -> Subversion" settings screenshot?
  • Could you please attach idea.log (Help->Show Log in...) after PHPStorm is started?

In general, such dialog could occur when using svn command line integration from IDEA ("Use command line client" checkbox is checked in "Version Control -> Subversion" settings), but the svn client is not installed (or incorrect path is specified in settings). Anyway it is not clear so far why svn client is invoked, if svn command line integration is not configured in IDEA (which I guess is the case) - screenshots and logs should help to clarify this. As a temporary workaround, you could also install svn command line client and specify full path to it in "Version Control -> Subversion" settings.

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thanks for your help.
I do not have the problem anymore. 1 or 2 days before you wrote your answere I installed the Developer cmd tools as the dialog told me.
It was not necessary to install xCode. I only installed the (small) tools. Now everythings is fine.

But for clarification:
- Yes, it was a Mac Dialog
- I am using svn 1.7
- In my subversion settings of phpstorm the "use command line client svn" checkbox is unchecked

Thanks anyway ;-)


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