EventLog Popup get on nerves


is there a chance to diable the annoying popup info "External File changes may be slow.... network mount" ???

For some reason (enterprise development with a large amount of files (>6000); security and backup issues) we are working with network shares and phpstorm had never problems dealing with it for years!
In the past, I was able to tolerate that phpstorm shows a popup hint on the upper right, because ist does not cover any icons, but in phpstorm 7.1 it does.

So IMHO it is enough to show the info in the event log, please do not annoy with low level warnings in popups!

I hope there is or will be a chance to disable this!!!

Generally phpstorm still rocks, but please do not focus on support for every smallest framework avialable in the world.

Enterprise development needs other features like reasonable connection to an issue tracking without switching from tool to tool for a full workflow or aria waria support, or code quality function like an integrated dead code and mess detector...


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Hi Tom,

it can be disabled in  in Settings | Notifications | File Watcher Messages.


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