ARM Linux

Folks, has anybody tried using WebStorm on ARM machine with Linux?
Since there's OpedJDK for ARM Linux I must assume it works there, but would be nice to know from someone that actually tried it.

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Well, I tried installing PHPStorm on my Android, no success yet (others wrote they could manage to start it, so I'm still working on it). However my Raspberry can run in flawlessly. Guess the same should be with WebStorm

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Currently there's no official support for ARM architecture which means no custom JDK patches from JetBrains.

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WebStorm and Gogland work on ARM. 

So do PyCharms and PhpStorm. 

Tried on Crouton-Ubuntu 14.04 on a Chromebook with ARMv7 hf, 

However, everything depending on FileWatchers (e.g. TypeScript or SASS automatic conversion) don't work. 

Note that it's not SASS/TypeScript that's not working, only the watching of files for changes. 

I guess this has something to do with the kernel-inotify interface. 

That was last year (2016), when I tried.

Just FYI.


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