Storm & Debugging (AngularJS) not working in one Project

I've completely hit a wall and I don't know where to start looking. I have two projects. Debugging works perfectly in one of the (git pulled todoMVC folder). I've set up a project myself (and downloaded the angular-seed on a third attempt) and I can't get the debugging to hit breakpoints on either of the new projects. When I copy my new project into the folder of the first (todoMVC), I can debug the exact same code that wouldn't work in its own project.

I start the session via live debugging with identical configurations on my local xampp install.

I get the following errors in Storm. Line 7 is where I've set the breakpoint.


Any suggestions on what I could try?
When I don't set a breakpoint I get a few "Failed to load resource" errors on .js.map files but that seems to be an inconsequential bug as far as I've found out...

Thanks for your time!


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