build war doesn't work?

Can someone please explain to me how the war file build is supposed to
I created a simple test web module from scratch (I use Tomcat 5),
containing only one servlet. After finishing, the wizard reports "Error
creating deployment descriptor. (No such file or directory)". I do get
the expected web.xml, though. (An empty one)

When I switch on the 'create webmodule jar', en build the module, no
.war is created. There is some sort of temporary jar created in /tmp
(it's a linux system), but no .war appears in the location specified in
the 'web module jar file path'. Tried specifying just a path, but that
didn't make a difference.

Fwiw, I also have a exploded directory - switching this off doesn't make
a difference (obviously, in that case I cannot run the webapp, because
no war is created).

I get no errormessages in the log, or on screen (other than the one
above). I'm using build #2178.


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