Hello, a friend just show me phpstorm, i used to work on sublime text 2 and he adviced me to use phpstorm. I'm still a student so i'm thinking about buying the academic license.
But before it, i need to be sure that i can use it on more than one computer ( i work on a laptop and on fixed computer ).
Sorry if there is the answer somewhere but i haven't found it.

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Thanks for the reply but i already saw theses links and the answer to my question isn't on.
It talk about who can use these types of licenses but not if we can install it on more than 1 computer.
That's why i haven't reserve one yet.

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With Personal license you can install and use it on multiple computers/OS, but use only one at a time .. and it has to be you who is going to use it. It's exactly same with Academic license --

If you want another (official) confirmation of the above -- just contact sales: (but the above URL is linked from this page already:

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Oh sorry, i didn't notice the widget on the left ...
Sorry, i think the New Year's day hurt me so much :S
Thanks for replies and being patient.


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