Is there a way to set a keyboard shortcut for the deploy all button?

I really want a nice way redeploy my webapp easily (but not the automatic

Actually let me describe my issue with the current way webapps are run:

You start up a webapp. All is good.
You make a change and recompile. Now you have tree deployment options to
choose from:

Deploy automatically on recompile.
Ask every time you compile. :(
Don't deploy automatically.

My first issue here is that the webapp does a complete restart when
something is redeployed. This is true even if you're just changing some
HTML. If your app has a long initialization time (which tends to be true if
you're using something like hibernate) then you get into into a very slow
edit-run cycle. In addition to this tomcat tends to have a limited number
of restarts before things go pear shaped. Not good.

The other issue is that if you're running a second process (say a junit
fixture to test the webapp) then you really can't use the deploy
automatically option because every time you run the test case it will
redeploy the application!

The only option left is to manually deploy the app. Unfortunately it seems
that the deploy all button doesn't have a shortcut. Given that you can have
multiple webapps running I guess this makes sense but it really doesn't
help. Instead I'm left to compile. wait. switch to webapp tab. press
deploy all. wait for undeployment and initialization. rerun my test case.
Somewhat annoying.

Webapp support is really close to being very nice. All we need is the
ability to redeploy using a single keyboard shortcut. Being able to rerun
the whole thing easily with one key would be way useful too but I'll settle
for the former.

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