unused css in phpstorm documentation

I read in  some phpstom web page that phphstorm support unused CSS .
Is there some documentation ( RTFM) about unused css . There are many  tools ( desktop or online)nowodays but many are not efficient for a website because use only one html or one css not many ..
Does phpstorm support for unused css specification
-1 xml sitemap or main web url page of website ?
-2 many css and many html file at once?
-3 http:// and C:\  protocol ?.
-4 the creation of a many clean css files  ?


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do you mean 'unused CSS selector' inspection? It only checks the files available locally, within a poroject, CDN links are not processed
Note also that this inspection only works in 'offline' mode - i.e. when running inspections via Code/Analyse Code


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