Java Beans and IDEA

Is anyone using IDEA to develop and use non-trivial Java Beans?

For a previous development project that I was on, we were generating
custom BeanInfo classes to describe our Java Beans in such a way that
our custom DAO layer could properly handle loading and storing of data.
We had also extended the FeatureDescriptor subclasses to provide
additional information that we needed. At the time, I wasn't using IDEA
extensively on these classes.

I recently decided to try something similar in my current development

Unfortunately, it appears that IDEA doesn't support the JavaBean spec.

As far as I can tell:
- It doesn't seem to understand the relationship between a Bean
class and the related BeanInfo class.
- It doesn't use the information available via introspection to
display property getters/setters in the Structure view.
- It doesn't use the information available via introspection for
custom Icons, Descriptions, Property Change Listeners, or Property
- It doesn't identify indexed properties at all.
- It has no understanding of EventSets or PropertyChangeListeners.
- None of the refactoring takes any of this into account either.

Am I missing something, or are non-trivial Java Beans just not supported
by IDEA?


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