IDEA Startup: Slow to display cursor

I am running Idea 4.0 (build 1165) on RedHat 9 (kernel-2.4.20) -- 1GB of RAM. At startup, after Idea has apparently finished all of it's initialization, there is a significant lag (60 seconds) in actually getting a cursor in the active editor.

I find if I manually run the Garbage-collector once or twice, the cursor will appear. But this is a hassle.

Can I tweak the Idea configs to avoid this very slow startup?

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For me the same problem. What is the status of your issue, did you file a bug report? Do you use CVS integration. Have you finaly resolved it?


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Same problem.

I'm having it with the latest IDEA build (#2151) that runs on a very powerful workstation (RedHat 9, kernel 2.4.20-8). This is becoming very frustrating...


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