[2144]: Problem with Tomcat

I have webapp that I run in a local tomcat server. The application uses certificate based authentication; I have a .keystore file in my user home dir and a .truststore file at some location that I specify by passing a CATALINA_OPTS variable. The web application is registered in the server.xml file and uses a proprietary Realm class that I have put into the tomcat server/classes directory.

As long as I start my Tomcat outside of IDEA (in the same way), I can correctly access the application, but when I start the application in IDEA and point my browser to it, I get a 403 error. I turned on ssl debugging, but could not see what the problem was.

Has anybody seen this before and knows a workaround? I know I could use a remote Tomcat server, but I think there must be some way of running it in a local server (after all, it used to be working in build 2126).

Thanks in advance,

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