Updating PhpStorm for Mac - not from super user?

Hi! I've got PhpStorm installed and running under not-a-super-user. I.e. for any su-operation I must enter admin account password (not mine).

Now, when trying to patch PhpStorm from 121.285 to 121.351, when I click "Update and Restart", it's downloading patch file, it never asks for admin pass, but an error occurs:

Снимок экрана 2012-10-25 в 16.47.33.png
Here, the Proceed and Cancel buttons have the same effect: PhpStorm restarts without patching.
What can I do here?

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Same here with IntelliJ IDEA 13 http://devnet.jetbrains.com/thread/451662?tstart=0 . I agree that this is a conceptual flaw and should be solved in the long run. If developers (who should know about the risk) work as admin, the situation is hopeless :-)



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