Subversion 1.8

I have been waiting a while for support for Subversion 1.8. With the latest release, such support has been announced "via the native client".

What does "via the native client" mean? Does that mean it is built into PHPStorm or you have to use a separate subversion client?

Is the support "any good?" I have had issues with Subversion support in the past, and to this day I do all merging in TSVN.

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it means that subversion 1.8 is supported via the command line client - there is no svnkit for svn 1.8. So, even if you have the 'use command line client'  option unchecked, it will still try to use your native cmd client

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What I really want to know is if that will change what I am doing now. Right now with Subversion 1.7, I use the integrated commands in PHPStorm. It seems to be integrated, but maybe in fact it is not. Depending upon the situation, that might be dissruptive, or not.

I see in the Preferences > Version Control > Subversion that "Use command line client" is not presently checked. I conclude that upgrading to 1.8 would require a change in my process.

I could play around with that setting to see if that would be an acceptable change.

On the other hand, since my Subversion is 1.7.2, I could just upgrade to 1.7.9 to get the security fixes, but stay within 1.7 for compatibility.

Your thoughts?

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Nohing will actually change in your process - the same actions will be still available for you. But if you are using svn+ssh, or using the actions like Integrate in the Repository view, I'd suggest staying with 1.7 for now

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Hi Elena,
I am using PHPStorm 7.1, looks pretty good but the svn..
I have a project working copy of SVN 1.8, And i have installed SVN 1.8 before via
I have noticed PHPStorm 7.1 is Support for Subversion 1.8 (via the native client).
When I open my project, it still shows me an error message:
“Errors found while svn working copies detection”
svn: E155021: E155021: This client is too old to work with the working  copy at ‘/Users/~/proj-path’ (format 31). You need to get a newer  Subversion client. For more details, see
I want to know is there anything wrong with me?
Please help me, Thanks!!

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We are at 1.7.2 which apparently has some security issues. So I am now thinking of upgrading to 1.7.14.


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