Javascript debugging does not work in WebStorm

I just installed WebStorm 7.0.2. When I start a new project (based on HTML5 Boilerplate) and start a debug session, my chrome browser is launched with an empty tab.
Whatever I do, I can't make the debugger to work.
If I manually put the url of the project, I do see the page come up (so the IDE web server is working) but still, I can't get it to stop on any breakpoints.

I installed the latest JetBrain chrome extension (and made sure it is operational).

I'm running Chrome version: 32.0.1700.68 beta on a Mac with OS X 10.9.1

Am I missing something?

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can you attach a project (with run configurations and breakpoints set) ?
The screencast that shows up the issue would also help

Best regards,

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I got the same problem and I try several things but without any success. I use chrome and Mac. When I start application I expect that WS will trigger the break point.

I do not know if I'm doing something wrong or not.



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You didn't provide any information need to track down the issue, sorry. Does debugger connect? What web server is your application served on? What build tools/bundlers/languages/frameworks are being used? Etc, etc


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