PHP Interpreter for WAMP installation?

I tried to set the PHP interpreter and I received the attached error message. The error message indicates '(Invalid library (appears to be a Zend Extension, try loading using zend_extension=php_opcache.dll from php.ini). I added the recommended line to php.ini but still received the same error message. Ideas?


Thank you for looking at this. Here it is.

  • Line Number 890
  • Line Number 913

First one must be commented out -- currently you are loading the same library twice using different directives.

Plus, better move all zend_extension= entries before extension= ones.

I'm also unsure about line number 885 -- I think (although I could be wrong here) that comment cannot be placed later in the line -- it must be first non-whitespace character in the line (in other words -- delete the comment at the end of the line).


Thank you. Now what about the debugger. The interpreter says that the debugger is not installed.

Now what about the debugger. The interpreter says that the debugger is not installed.

I'm pretty sure you can use "Find" command of your favorite text editor and search for "xdebug" string in php.ini (or whatever debugger you use there).

I found no matches for xdebug or zend debugger. Which means that PhpStorm is correct -- the issue is with your PHP installation (configuration) and not PhpStorm.


You should look at your WAMP server manual for how to enable/install xdebug instructions (this would be the easiest way since it should come as a part of the bundle). But in any case -- -- there are articles about installing xdebug or zend debugger.


I was hoping that you would have some experience with WAMP and PHPStorm. There seems to be about 3 different .ini files that basically break between the CLI version of PHP and the PHP that runs inside of Apache. I was unclear if I need to edit all of the .ini files or just php.ini. I will ask on the WAMP forum as there doesn't seem to be a WAMP manual (

Thank you.


Well .. I do know that some of Apache+PHP bundles do have separate php.ini for web and CLI interfaces.

You can easily find out which one you need to edit from phpinfo(); output (or "php -i" for CLI) -- look at "Loaded Configuration File" field of the top/header table. If your installation looks for more .ini files, then look at "Additional .ini files parsed" field as well. Unfortunately I cannot tell you what file exactly you need to edit and where it will be located -- never used those bundles myself -- I always setting it up from separate standalone components (easier to upgrade and maintain; plus I mostly use Windows' own IIS these days).

The "PHP Interpreters" from PhpStorm will only use CLI mode. But if you need to debug web app as well then you will need to edit another php.ini (the one for web) as well (this one will not be called by PhpStorm directly, but will be used by Apache when you execute your script in web browser). The PHP Interpreter is only required if you going to execute any PHP activity in CLI mode (PHPUnit/composer/PHP Script/CodeSniffer/etc).


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