stranges in Linux distribution with external jars

I have installed Idea 4.0.3 EAP on Linux (ASP 9.2). After week of correct work parser begin to fail on classes from libraries (external jars, but not jdk archives). I can use autocomplition on packages (org.apache.log4j) but concrete classes are not recognized (org.apache.log4j.Logger is highlighted as error). I'am clear caches, make new project, but classes are not resolved by parser. At the same time action "rebuild" and "compile" in IDE working properly. Trouble was "resolved" by creating directory and unpucking all library classes into it (and adding this dir in project classpath). And a few word at last - during refreshing "failed" jars message dialog has strange view ( flickered) but no errors at log file appears.

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The same happens to us on Linux. It has worked perfectly last 6 months and suddenly cannot the editor identify any classes in the log4j-1.2.8.jar. Displaying the code completion popup displays only packages and no classes. Another similar box with the same version of IDEA 4.0.3 (build 1182) do not have these problems.

Unpacking the jar into a directory structure solves the problem.

Any ideas what may have caused this?



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