Can't generate a new php file

Hi all

I am having trouble creating a new PHP file called Post.php. when I first created it I stuffed up and didnt add the file extention and it just saved it as a file with no extention. Now when I go to create a new php file caled Post it only saves it as a file and not PHP.

I have deleted the project, cleaned the cache, removed all the files from the project folder and started again, and it still wont work.. I can creaet any other php filename but as soon as I name it Post.php if saves as a file not PHP..
It saves it as Post.php but none of the syntax hilighting is there and the icon is only the file icon not the PHP icon.

I have tried to create a new file called Post.php in another project even and it still wont work.

It seems to have linked the file name Post with a file not php.

How do I clear this and create a new file called Post.php  as I need this to be named specifically for an MVC framework.


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Hi there,

Settings | File Types --> Text Files

Find your unwanted pattern there and remove it (I expect it to be "Post.php" or similar)

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Thank you so much... worked perfectly.


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