Multiple definitions exist for class...


I've just install the latest version of PHPStorm (7).
And in my learn with Symfony, I've juste see this
But I had understood that it had been resolved.
Is this a misunderstanding on my part?

Thanks in advance

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Hi there,

But I had understood that it had been resolved.

How did you come to this conclusion?

In any case -- it's possible that you somehow have more than one copy of the same class included/referenced in the project (i.e. as part  o fthe actual project as well as referenced as External Library, for example; or ... just copy of the same file somehow).

Please Ctrl+Click on such class and see what IDE will show you. If you indeed have more than one definition of the same class, open each of them in IDE and see the full paths -- maybe you need to delete or just exclude problematic file(s) from the project.

You can also try "File | Invalidate caches..." if you believe that everything is OK and that's an IDE that behaves weird.


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