running deployed apps in tomcat, Aurora vs Pallada

Ok, so the thing that stunk about 4.0.x j2ee/tomcat integration was that you could only run one context/application at a time. IDEA copied over what it needed from the tomcat install directory and launched a new tomcat instance with just that context/app deployed.

So that was fixed in the new EAP, we can now run tomcat with any number of apps deployed in it,in fact we run whatever apps are deployed in there no matter what we basically just run and attach to the local proces.

However, I just want to run apps i have open in IDEA, i liked running an isolated instance not having any contact with whatever is already deployed in there.

Mainly because the problem is that as i switch from project to project i only want to run that project in tomcat, not every app that is dropped in there.

It would be nice if we could have the best of both worlds as far as tomcat integration goes, isolated instances of what is configured to be deployed in the IDE however many apps that may be, and no more.

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