Stupid novice problem about web in the new IDEA 4

When I have make a web modul, and then tryes to make a servlet I get an error. It says javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet is not among my module classes and libraries.
I have tryed putting the servlet-api.jar from Tomcat 5.x in the Module Libraries, but no no.
What I'm I overseeing or forgetting ???


Ps I hope this is the right forum, else please tell me and I move it.

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If anyone found an answer to this, thanks for letting us know !

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Not sure if you said you've done this already but "servlet-api.jar" needs to be defined in your Libraries (Classpath) under Module Libraries.

Under Web Module Settings you will also need to mark "servlet-api.jar" for deployment by checking the Include in Web Module box under Modules and Libraries to Deploy.

That should do it.


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