Whats the difference between highlighted lines

Can someone tell me whats the difference between the echo line not highlighted green and the echo line highlighted in green?
What wants phpStorm tell me with the green highlight?
How do I prevent this? Is something wrong coded?
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Hi there,

Green highlighting means Language Injection (HTML flavor in your case). In such fragments you will have inspections/code completion specific to the injected language.

Automatic injection rules can be configured at "Settings | Language Injections". Manual injection of ANY language can be done at any time on any string -- Alt+Enter while standing on such string and choose "Inject Language" from appeared menu.

The 1st echo is not highlighted because Language Injection does not work when merging the string from multiple fragments ( http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WI-534 )

Bit more details:

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thanks, I got it.
But it's a bit confusing and I think it does not increase the readability of the code. The injection is cool for codecompletion etc. but can I edit the highlighting?

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but can I edit the highlighting?

What exactly you want to edit.

Injected HTML will use the same colors as "normal" HTML. Same for other languages.

If question is about "green background" -- of course: Settings | Editor | Colors & Fonts | General | Injected language fragment

Hint: Settings screen has nice search feature (input box on top left corner) -- very useful for finding different kinds of settings.

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yea I meant the green background.
I got it to work. Thank you very much for yout help :)


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